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Roger Neill

Roger Neill"Over recent months, we’ve been developing the Innovation Cauldron®, a themed workshop event that helps organisations to discover breakthroughs or solve wicked problems…

See what I've been writing recently in my blog about Imposter Sydrome and Can Apple Turn The Corner (again)?

Per Diem is in the business of transforming organisations in terms of innovation, creativity and leadership.

Per Diem works internationally to help organisations achieve new things. We work with our clients to create and implement new strategies; to develop new products and services; to discover new ways of working; to unleash creativity; to break down barriers; to make the best use of resources (human and otherwise); to implement change; to get everyone moving in the same direction, and ultimately to succeed.

We do this through specialist consultancy, expert facilitation, tailored training and bespoke coaching.
Our diagnostic tool, Innovation Triage®, helps organisations to discover the real, often hidden, barriers to breakthrough innovation. 

Our themed, three-day workshop, the Innovation Cauldron®, helps organisations to discover breakthroughs or to solve wicked problems through intensive team-working and collaboration.

Our experiential learning workshops on such topics as Turning Ideas into Action, Creative Leadership, Brand Renovation, Facilitation Skills and Creative Problem Solving help individuals and teams to work more creatively and effectively together.

News Introducing the Innovation Cauldron®

Innovation Masterclass in Manila - 8 November
Introducing Innovation Triage® - a tool to help identify hidden barriers to breakthrough innovation.

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