What our clients say about

"It was a good day.  We had a very busy and ambitious agenda and you did well getting us through it."
NHS Director of Communications and Engagement

"Thanks for all your work and facilitation on the day, Alison. We found it a very useful and productive time spent with the team."
NHS Business Manager

"Thank you for yesterday, Alison. I thought you were excellent! The day went very well and yes, I'm knee deep in flipcharts this morning.”

NHS Executive
“I always enjoy being in the meetings you facilitate.  You make them more fruitful.”
Marketing Director

“Your style of upbeat facilitation was energetic and refreshing…”
 Council Official

“It went VERY well.  We were pleased with how the day went as well as the outcome.  Our facilitator was wonderful…”
 Marketing Director, Asia

“I really enjoyed it and believe we delivered a high energy great learning session… “
 Global Account Director

“I left feeling that I can now approach with more confidence and ‘legitimacy’ my role as creative facilitator.  What I have been doing is good but I’ve got more knowledge to draw on now and some practical tools. I’m also clearer about the role and its purpose.”  
Creative Facilitation Training Participant

Per Diem can transform your organisation’s creative potential in a variety of ways, working at individual, team and organisational level.

We regularly facilitate workshops as part of change programmes and new product or service development initiatives, helping people with creative problem-solving and turning ideas into action.

We also deliver tailored coaching and training programmes to upskill employees in techniques to develop breakthrough ideas, to fast-track problem-solving of exciting new ideas and to increase the probability of successfully implementing them.  Key elements of our workshops and skills development programmes are:

·    Creating a climate that promotes creative thinking and risk-taking
·    Managing meetings and the roles of problem owner, facilitator and resource
·    Getting the best out of people and achieving buy-in from doubters and nay-sayers
·    Seeing with new eyes and throwing off the shackles of conventional thinking
·    Generating, selecting and developing breakthrough ideas
·    Creative problem-solving
·    Action planning
·    Collaborative team-working