What our clients say about

"Roger has contributed greatly to our strategic as well as operational projects, by always applying out-of-the-box thinking, combined with thorough processes and action-oriented approaches. By leveraging his strong inter-personal and listening skill, he has been able to help us build a team of multi-cultural, multi-background individuals into a united and top performing group."          
Vice President of Business Acceleration

“He did a great job. The team was very sceptical at the onset and came out of it undamaged and greatly more aligned and organized. The process was seamless and enabled the team to create the resulting strawman.  I'm a fan.”
 R&D Director

Innovation Triage® - discovering the real barriers to breakthrough innovation

Innovation Triage® is a diagnostic tool that we’ve been developing with our clients over recent years.  It’s designed to assess thoroughly where organisations and teams are in terms of breakthrough innovation.  It identifies the key barriers, which are sometimes hidden from senior management, and recommends the appropriate treatment. 

It is built in response to the latest innovation research studies conducted by colleagues at City University London, and our own extensive experience in innovation.

Innovation Triage® has a series of phases.

First, a consultation with senior management to gather their perspectives on why breakthrough innovation seems so hard in their organisation.

Second, a diagnostic research phase, to discover which of the 24 barriers (that we know are blockers of breakthrough innovation) are the main ones within the client’s own organisation.

Third, a workshop to create a tailor-made treatment programme.

Fourth, the implementation of the treatment programme.

Fifth, a tracking study to determine how things are changing.

Tailored Programmes

We can also tailor a programme to meet your specific needs, incorporating elements such as:

    Creating innovation vision and strategy
    Shaping key projects
    Building star teams
    Getting breakthrough ideas
    Finding hidden insights
    Tapping the creativity of consumers/customers
    Moving ideas into action
    Working through pilot stage to roll-out
    Transforming the innovation potential of the whole organisation
    Coaching top management and positioning as innovation masters
    Developing skills in receptivity, creativity, innovation leadership, meeting management, working with consumers/customers