What our clients say about

"Roger’s professionalism and ability to make his points in a very direct, yet very tactful and diplomatic manner, has allowed our organization to grow towards excellence in an efficient way.  He has proven to always display honesty, collaborativeness, trustworthiness, and perfect work ethics. Working with him is always a pleasurable and rewarding experience."
Vice President of Business Acceleration

Per Diem can improve your organisation’s capabilities in innovation leadership.

Working closely with individuals or teams, we can help to get the best out of your people, concentrating on a number of key topics:

·    Creating a clear direction with your team
·    Understanding personalities self and others and how best to work together
·    Team dynamics
·    Receptivity to new ideas
·    Creativity
·    Leadership and followership
·    Meeting management
·    Understanding and tapping the creativity of employees, stakeholders and consumers/customers